Fork in the road - Decision Making

DACI Decision Making Framework – HPC Toolkit

We’ve all been in meetings where we think we are aligned and a clear decision was made, only to find out weeks later that you hadn’t included the right people and the decision is still delayed. Even worse, we all have been in meetings where we didn’t need to be. The person thought they were doing a good thing by involving us, but ultimately we only needed to be informed of the final decision. Including the wrong people is just as big of a waste as not including the right people.

Instead of figuring this out trial by error, spend the time needed to map out who needs to be involved and who doesn’t by filling outa DACI Decision Making framework. We figured, why waste even more time with a complex DACI tool. That is why our Healthy Performance Toolkit version has been stripped down to a pragmatic core that just works.

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch – HPC Toolkit

You and the people around you don’t have a lot of time to waste.  Creating a message that is either too complex, to vague, or takes too long is just a waste of everyone’s time.  The ability to quickly and concisely communicate to customers or key stakeholders is critical if you want to succeed as an individual, as a team, and as a company.  While there are many different communication tools that you should use, we have chosen to add the Elevator Pitch to our Healthy Performance Toolkit.

Our approach to creating an impactful Elevator Pitch focuses on 5 parts that you need to communicate to your intended audience. By utilizing our Elevator Pitch tool, you will be able to create simple but powerful messages that will help you succeed.